Floor Plans

Instead of given you only a few floor plans to choose from like other builders, Pantheon can build any floor plan. You can choose from hundreds of stocks plans and make any changes or you can design a full custom plan (please see the Architects).


Although there are many factors that can cause to homes of similar square footage to vary. Below are simply a few examples of the cost of the build job of several efficient floor plans of different sizes.


Since we do NOT have upgrade charges, we do not price homes at base cost. The prices below are based on what most of our clients include:


Exterior: 2*6 construction, 3 car garage, 8/12 pitch roof, stucco with stone and brick on the pop outs and the wainscot.


Interior:  Granite Counter tops throughout, staggered hardwood cabinets with crown molding , oil rubbed bronze or brush nickel fixtures and hardware, hardwoods and tile, two-tone paint,  fireplace, 20  can lights, Stainless Steel appliances.


* These prices also include the cost of the permit, our flat fee and commissions. When comparing comparing with other builders, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.


The David

Above Grade 1,581sqft / Total 3,047sqft (unfinished basement)

$192,000 (excluding lot)


Above Grade 1,672sqft / Total 3,213sqft (unfinished basement)

$206,000 (excluding lot)

The Cambridge (two versions)

Above Grade 1,858sqft / Total 3,627sqft (unfinished basement)

$227,000 (excluding lot)

The Langdon

Above Grade 2,175sqft / Total 4,126sqft (unfinished basement)

$254,000 (excluding lot)


Above Grade 2,282sqft. / Total 4,371sqft (unfinished basement)

$269,000 (excluding lot)



Two Story

The Caroline

Above Grade 1,751sqft / Total 3,047sqft (unfinished basement)

$187,000 (excluding lot)

The Campbell

Above Grade 2,080sqft / Total 3,321sqft (unfinished basement)

$209,000 (excluding lot)

La Chapelle

Above Grade 2,368sqft / Total 3,567sqft (unfinished basement)

$232,000 (excluding lot)

Porter Fork

Above Grade 2,625sqft / Total 3,814sqft (unfinished basement)

$258,000 (excluding lot)


Above Grade  2,932sqft / Total 4,337sqft (unfinished basement)

$289,000 (excluding lot)

Sierra Vista

Above Grade 3,368sqft / Total 4,767sqft (unfinished basement)

$299,000 (excluding lot)